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ReceiptStash MEO Mobile application (iOS)

We have created a new mobile application for the purpose of efficiently adding receipts straight to your ReceiptStash for use in your expense claims.

This application now streamlines the way receipts are adding making it easier than ever to get those receipts added saving time on your expenses.

To get started download the application from the apple app store or google play store depending on the device that you are using.

To download the app search for MEO mobile in the respective app stores.

Once the app is installed you will be presented with the login screen as shown below. Enter your company web address name and log in to the application.

Once logged in to the app, the screen below will be presented. You can start by clicking the Camera icon to take a picture with the devices camera or you can select an image from the device gallery.

Once the picture is taken it will appear on the front screen of the app and this is then automatically uploaded to your ReceiptStash so you can use this on a claim right away.

There is a settings menu if you press the settings button located on the left of the app, this shows the settings as below.

Within the settings menu are two settings, you can set the app so that it also saves a copy of the image to the device gallery which is particularly useful if you throw the receipt away and you need the image again.

The other setting is when you take a picture of the receipt with the device camera it will automatically open the camera again so you can take another image of a different receipt.

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